Meeting with Halesworth council

Main Quest

  • The last shipment of ychra from Bramfield was stolen by bandits last week
  • The junior councilor of Bramfield, Morten Kiil, has asked for assistance. He will not risk sending the next shipment unless it is under armed guard
  • The town’s usual guards are busy escorting the shipment en route to Gaios and won’t be back for a week.
  • Journey from Bramfield, escort the caravan bringing a shipment of ychra back to Halesworth safely.
  • Find the bandits, recover the stolen shipment, if possible
  • The town council of Halesworth are willing to pay (xx gold) for the safety of the new shipment.
  • Additional xx gold if they can recover the stolen shipment
  • David Harrower gives the party a sealed letter of authority to show to Morten Kiil as proof that they are being sent by the council
  • one of the three servants present at the meeting is a spy for the bandits and will report the plans and give a detailed description of the party

Additional Quest

  • Chef Valenti has a special request. He sent his assistant Elistair the halfling to Bramfield to purchase a special mix of yrchra directly from the Smoke House. Elistair was supposed to come back a week ago, but no word from him since. He fears he may have gotten caught up in the bandit attacks. He will pay xx gold for the party to find out what happened to Elistair and if the party can deliver his special mix of ychra

It will take around 2 days to reach Bramfield, if the party travels for 10 hours during the day. They will need to camp in the wilderness for one night.


Meeting with Halesworth council

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